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Treasure ship with silver was found in Atlantic ocean worth $236 million

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The wreck of a World War II cargo ship containing more than $200 million worth of silver has been discovered deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

The British-flagged merchant ship SS Gairsoppa was sunk by a German U-boat as it headed for the Irish port of Galway in 1941.

The wreck has now been discovered, 4.7 kilometres down on the Atlantic sea floor about 500 kilometres from the Irish coast.

Search crews from American exploration firm Odyssey Marine say the wreck contains about 200 tonnes of silver worth $236 million - the largest haul of precious metal ever found at sea.The ageing 412-foot steamer was on its way back to Britain from India in February 1941 when it ran low on fuel in stormy weather and tried to divert to Galway harbour.

But it was spotted and sunk by a German submarine, killing all but one of the 85 crew members.

Mark Gordon, the president of Odyssey Marine, says the ship was found in the "middle of nowhere".

Under the terms of a contract with the US government, the company will retain 80 per cent of the cargo's value. That could be about $160 million for Odyssey Marine.